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Cloud Point Studies of Tween and Glycol in the Presence of Salts 
by Jyoti Chawla 
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 

This article deals with the cloud point studies of ethoxylated sorbitan ester, Tween in the presence of glycols, and salts. Cloud point temperature of Tween 20 (5 mol dm3) and Tween 80 (1 mol dm3) has been determined in the presence of various salts in addition to glycols. The glycols chosen for these studies were triethylene glycol (TEG), and ethylene glycol mono butylether (EGMBE). At concentration below 0.02M these salts have no significant effect on cloud point temperature in all cases. The cloud point temperature of TweenþTEG and TweenþEGMBE found to decrease in the presence of sodium... 

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