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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I was doing some research and came across this site. Does anyone have a good detergent formula that would cost under 1 dollar in raw materials? I am looking for a 2-3x concentrate that would make a finished product that would perform well at 1-1.5 ounces per load. I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.


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    You can find formulas in the following resource.

    There might be some laundry detergent formulas in there.

    Just realize that when you ask for a formula there are chemists here who make a living out of coming up with formulas so it's unlikely that anyone would just give away something that they've spent years of their lives developing.  It would be like asking a famous pastry chef for their best cake recipe.  

    I'm certain there are people here who you could hire to come up with a formula like the one you described. 
  • Thanks a lot for the link. I understand completely. I probably should have clarified that I am not looking for someone's personal work, but rather more of a common formula similar to those that the larger chemical companies provide. Pilot Chemical has quite few. I actually have narrowed down to 2 formulas that I'd like to use, but the materials are little more costly than my margins will allow. As I was doing some research and saw all of the helpful information on this forum, I thought I would post to see if anyone has experience formulating one of the "common formulas" that are readily available and could offer any advice. Again, I am looking for a formula that would average around $.90 in chemicals. Do you think that will be feasible? Thanks again for the link and any insight is greatly appreciated.
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    You did the right thing by checking with Pilot. Just expand your search to the other surfactant manufacturers, BASF, for example.

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