Ecological shampoo - coconut oil, aloe vera extract, glucosides etc - any tips for me I should no?

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Hi All,
I am developing a new shampoo receipe and as a complete amateur I have many questions.
The aim is to create as natural shampoo as possible, as in my region people tend to claim more and more ecological products (so the best way to market a shampoo is to say, it's natural :) ) Yes, my target group would be those people, who though really don't know, what are parabens, would choose a shampoo without parabens...
As surfactants, my plan is to use Glucoside's (I test with three of them - Decyl, Lauryl and Coco). As a secondary surfactant, I have thought to use cocamidopropyl betaine. Any, who have used glucoside's in their shampoos, any suggestions for me?

I also would like to use Aloe Vera Extract and Coconut Oil/or Shea Butter in my shampoo. My question is - should the coconut and shea always be fractionated to oil (not butter)? Is Shea even fractionated to oil?
What should I know before using Aloe Vera Extract, Coconut Oil or Shea Butter in my shampoo? Are there any tips?

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