Handsoap become trouble

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a handsoap formulation based on cocamidopropylbetaine, sulfonic acid and SLS. We want to substitute the 0,05% Kathon CG in this formulation by 1% of a mix of Glucono-delta-lactone:sodium benzoate (75:25).

The pH of our original formulation is 6,5. To use gluconolactone:NaBenz mix, I lowered the pH of our formulation to 5,0.

The problem is that the new formulation become trouble at 21-22°C. Our original formulation (with katon), become trouble < 10 °C. What happens and what can I do to resolve this problem?



  • How did it become trouble? What happened to it?
  • xenon126xenon126 Member
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    It become trouble when I cooled it to take the viscosity. This look like that: 

  • I still don't understand and the picture doesn't show up. 

    Do you mean it didn't thicken up? Didn't get viscous?
  • The link should be ok. The soap become thick but they look like in the picture.
  • It looks like something separated. It might be helpful if we had the complete formula. Maybe there's something in there that's pH sensitive?
  • Just saw the picture. 

    Test slightly heating and mixing it. My guess is that you've made some low solubility salts that's being kicked out... depending on when and how you added the preservative to the formula. Do you lose viscosity?

    I would also test the ph of your preservative blend, in water. 

    And it would help if you posted the full formula (give ranges for %) and told us at what stage it got cloudy. 
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