Liquid to matte lipstick formula

Hello, I started my own cosmetic line, and while I can make some of my own products I realized I would need to pay a chemist to help me with the more advanced formulas. I am currently looking to make a liquid to matte lipstick. A product that goes on like a lipgloss but dries matte. They're very popular at the moment and I haven't been successful in creating a satisfactory product myself. I'm not a scientist and I would rather pay someone than trying to do it myself.

I checked the contact post and I've emailed a few people but nobody has replied. So I am asking if there's anyone who knows where I can purchase a liquid to matte lipstick formula or a premade base, or who I can contact for such a request. I would rather purchase a premade base where I can just add my pigments myself, rather than a formula where I have to make the whole product from scratch, as raw materials for liquid to matte lipsticks are hard to find for the average person, or are extremely expensive, which is part of the reason I haven't been successful in making my own. I hope I can find help! Thank you.

If you want you can email me at
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