How to make a stable ~20% oil in ~80% water emulsion of which 15% is alcohol

ZinkZink Member
edited February 2014 in Formulating
Wondering if it's possible to make a somewhat drying oil in water emulsion containing a significant amount of alcohol (eliminating the need for a preservative?) that can dry out spots, and is able to keep ZnO or other solids solubilized something like:

Deion water x%
Isopropyl alchohol 99%, 15%
Lactic Acid 10%

Jojoba oil 10%
Rose hip oil 10%
Emulsifier? ~8%
Thickener? ~4%

Post emulsion during cool down
Zinc Oxide 4% (could be a pre "liquefied" form)
Vitamin E Acetate 1%

Oil and alcohol usually don't play to well, any way to do this or is the only realistic way to do a water only lotion?

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