My products is changing colour with time

Dear All, am John and I need help. which ingredient can I use to stabilize the colour of my formulation? The product in question is a weave spray that contain Nutrilan i, dehyquart A-CA, polysorbate 60 and ethanol. How do I keep the colour stable? It changes when exposed to the weather.


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    "Nutrilan® I-Powder is a collagen protein hydrolyzate that displays good skin compatibility and improves the dermatological characteristics of anionic surfactants." (UL Prospector)
     - and you are using it with a cationic surfactant. Unless there are other ingredients you haven't mentioned ... this seems like the start point.
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    that'd be your Nutrilan I; unless they're extremely pure, collagen/keratin derivatives are terrible for causing discoloration
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  • Does you product change color only when it's exposed to the weather?  For example, If you keep you product in a clear / transparent glass container, does it change color, also?

    Did you check pH of the product on constant Time Interval? For example, weekly for the period of 3 months starting with the Manufacturing Date?

    Does your product have Vitamins and/or Anti-Oxidants?
  • The product is packaged in a transparent PET bottle. The product contains Cetrimonium chloride, polysorbate 60 and Nutrilan i 50
  • Unknown Member
    Try adding chelating agent like edta, works for my formulation.... 
  • ashishashish Member
    Use benzophenone-4, it would definitely solve your prob.
  • Thank you Ashish. The  benzophenone worked. Thanks a million.
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