In Need of Cosmetic Help For My New Lipstick Line

Hello everyone!

I’ve been researching by exhausting google’s search engine for a couple months in order to learn on how I could turn my idea into a finished product. One of my goals this year is to pursue a passion so I’ve decided to start my own lipstick line (I want to start with liquid to matte lipsticks). At first I experimented with D.I.Y. lipstick kits and remade bases but as most people on this forum will say, it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

So my next best option is to find someone to help me make this into a reality. I need help with formulating a liquid to matte product and manufacturing. I basically have ideas for colors, packaging, and marketing but obviously struggle with chemist part since I have no professional expertise in that and don't want to mess with that. Which is why I'm looking to hire someone who can help me in that area or advise. I’m also trying to get a list of costs for this kind of start up so I can make this serious and ensure I have funds to make it happen and would like to hear your estimated service fees.

I’ve already contacted a couple of chemists and companies to get quotes but I’d love to hear from other people who can provide these services. If anyone here can then feel free to leave your email so I can contact you and we can discuss how we would go around working together and maybe some rough estimates of costs for these services. Also, I live in Southern California so anyone local would be great but it’s not necessary.

Thank you for any help, references, or advice! I really appreciate it.

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