"Natural" chemist to consult for beauty blog

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Hi, all!

I run a small-ish beauty blog (~42000 hits/month, ~6000 unique visitors/month) and am transitioning into natural products solely out of personal preference and because in *general* I believe it's more sustainable. I know there is so much misinformation spread by bloggers, in particular related to natural products, so I'd love to form a partnership with a professional to help me nail down the scientific aspects of my product reviews and recommendations. Ideally it would be someone who's passionate about natural-based beauty.

I don't have a big blogging budget as of now, so it would be more of a favor than anything else. The one benefit I can offer is that you will be a co-author/co-editor of posts we collab on, so in the signature of those posts I will link to your professional website or another page of your choice. Linkbacks of this nature boost will boost your website's google rank over time and also contribute to greater brand recognition.

if you're interested, please let me know! :)


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