Flavor VS. Fragrance

As we know that flavor is usually use in food, drink and pharma products and fragrance is usually use in personal care and cosmetics products. But, what is the science behind them, why have to be like this and there are any chance that it could be cross over of usage?

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  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    It's just nomenclature. There's a fair amount of cross-over, but most fragrance ingredients taste nasty, so they aren't used in flavors.
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  • Thank so much @Bobzchemist for your opinion. Is there any disadvantage of use flavor in personal care products e.g. lip balm, shampoo or shower gel or even in skin care? 
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    There's some useful info on this website:


    They deal in both aromas and flavours and have some educational materials on the topic. Also when an aromatic product has flavour properties they will include data on that in the product description.

    From my limited exposure to the topic, flavours like to be water soluble whereas aromatic materials are destined for use in oil/alcohol.
  • Thank @BartJ so much for your information.
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