Increasing solubility of oxidative dyes in powder hair color

ashishashish Member
Hi all, I want to enhance solubility of Oxidative dyes like P-aminophenol & M-aminophenol which are poorly soluble in water. Due to poor solubility, hair colour is not able to fulfil the requirement of 100% grey coverage. Problem is that product is in powder form so that aimed ingredient should be in powder form to enhance solubility of oxidative hair dyes. 
Note - Product is in powder form which is ready to mix with water by consumer. 


  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    try adding a powdered surfactant like 95% SLS, or sodium lauryl sulphoacetate
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  • Thanks Bill, i am already using anionic surfactants but not getting satisfactory results. I know non ionic surfactants are more preferable for solubility of dyes but problem is that a very few of this kind are available in powder form & moreover they are costlier. 
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