Hair Wax / Paste

gmagerrgmagerr Member
Hi All,

I've been playing around with different formulas to make hair wax / paste. I am using Jojoba oil, Emulsifying Wax, Distilled Water, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Essential Oils. I've been playing with the different things to give the formula hold. I've tried Xanthum Gum, Gum Arabic, too much beeswax makes it hard to wash out, so I'm keeping that to a minimum. The Gum Arabic is OK, but not really doing what I want. After adding the Gum Arabic, about 1/4 tsp to 3 oz of product, when I go to put it in my hair, it is immediately sticky and dry when I'm rubbing my hands together. What can I use as a fixative besides Gum Arabic, in my formula? Something that glides better while rubbing the hands together, but becomes tacky. Doesn't have to be a natural product. I was thinking about trying CMC, but not sure at this point.



  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Luviset One, read about it and I am sure you would have some ideas.
  • gmagerrgmagerr Member
    Thanks for the information. I don't see anywhere where I can purchase this online. I only need a little (pound or so) are there any other alternatives that I could purchase say on amazon that would accomplish the same thing or similar? I'm looking for glide when you initially rub it on your hands, and tackiness (hold) once in the hair.
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