Soap based cream

Hi everyone, 

I am a junior chemist that been working in a cosmetic manufacturing company for a year. I get involved in R & D too and I'm working on soap based type of facial wash cream at the moment.
So here's something that bothering me.. When I poured the KOH solution into the mixture(DI water, glycerin, fatty acids etc) at 80'C, I got a clear solution with a bit of white sediment so I thought I should homogenize it to disperse everything evenly but I got a white solution instead. Normally when I conduct the experiment, the clear solution turns cloudy and milky at cool down phase around 45'C.
So my question is what is the reason behind my mixture turns milky once I homogenize it even though it is still hot(around 70'C) ? 

Many thanks.


  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student

    You need to post your formula for more advice.
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