Are there any cosmetic science opportunities for students in the UK?

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I've completed my first year of a Biochemistry degree, but I'm not liking university life. I'm wondering if there are any apprenticeships/internships or on the job training opportunities in the cosmetic science industry in the UK (London specifically)?
I know it's difficult to do much without a degree but that's why I've been looking around for an apprenticeship for a cosmetics company but it's proving to be quite difficult.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    the largest concentrations of UK manufacturers are in south-west England (Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire) and on the M62 corridor (Merseyside, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire)

    there are a few in the south-east, but I don't know of any within London itself
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    You might also contact someone at the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.
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    Petulia, please do send me a message with your CV as we are currently looking for an intern in London, UK.  (Or you can, as Perry suggests, contact the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in the UK and they will refer you to us since I was just yesterday chatting to them about this).
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    The SCS LinkedIn group is a good way to get in touch with SCS members generally.

    You might want to look into the SCS Diploma as well. 

    But honestly? The internship for Jane is an amazing opportunity for someone with only one year of University. You will learn more with her than you can almost anywhere else outside of a Masters program in Cosmetic Chemistry. Do whatever it takes to get that - you won't regret it. And keep us posted.
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