Solid Sticks, Thickening Agents for Oils

So my many search inquires led me to this forum yesterday. I didnt notice that it was a cosmetic specific forum but I do believe what I'm in search for is right up the alley of those in the know here. To start I am an Artist and my real name is Jared :waves: . As my account name suggests I do dabble in many things. A favorite medium of mine for years has been a solid paint marker, being a solidified paint stick, opaque and a little more sticky and solid than lipstick. They have industrial applications and will write on just about anything even underwater. As an artist I use them happily but as many would agree we all hit limitations with the products we love, mine being colors. Because of their application they only make them in a small variety of colors which are very basic so I've sought to doing what the artists of old did that being making my own mediums.

Out of the many companies that make this product they are still in the limited color range and non toxic. I state non toxic because this gives me very little idea of their composition via MSDS. I started off with many ideas of what they were but landed in the direction that they must be oil based. They will dry within 5 minutes after marked and if left open the solid sticks themselves will dry within 6 hours. If enclosed they will stay workable for years. I dont know what the company guarantees, but personally I have had some for a very long time. Finally I came across a MSDS from one company that listed Fatty acids, wollastonite, kaolin, and a surfacant and solvent. As a dabbler in ceramics as well I'm very familiar with wollastonite and Kaolin. Fatty acids lead me to Drying Oils and eventually to one MSDS of another company saying 40% Linseed oil. Which is as many know the most common drying oil.

So I've been in the right direction but I need some clarification on thickeners for oil. I get the basic recipe for "paint" is a vehicle, pigment, filler, etc. So oil being my vehicle, boiled linseed oil since its the most accessible drying oil. How do these thickeners react? So far Jojoba esters seem like a good choice and even Versagel. I want to stay away from waxes because I want the end result to be marked and dry after time. Curious about whether or not some of the thickeners and rheology modifiers change or simply fail to react if a solvent was added. I know I have my feet in many applications but the other day I was like LIPSTICK! its a solid stick essentially with pigment! It was like an apple falling onto my head. Basically these sticks seem to be polymerized oils with solvents to balance drying time and thickened with fillers and what not. I cant remember the Ester in one of them but it seems like Esters play a part as well. As for pigment I actually plan on using clay stains because theyre potent and relatively cheap. They are sintered then crushed into fine powder and shouldnt react with anything in the mix. Jojoba still seems like the right choice but Im curious about how it works, really how any thickener will work. Is it a boil, then pour to molds, and thicken during cooling? Im also trying to stay safe from anything toxic which is why I'm poking around in the cosmetic world. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Im not a degree chemist but as far as i have understood. silicones give the dry feel.

    also  try  BENTONE GEL = bentonite

    HERE  a link to  

    LOOK up thickeners. he explains all of this.. 

    Here is anothe link on here

    not sure i have read on these topic for several years now  these things.. if anyone can chime in with more knowledge this would be helpful


    also have you read the formulation bookd cosmetic and toiletries. I have all the volumes..  I can look in my books and see what I can find. as a starting point.

    also special chem has tons of information on all chemicals cosmetic

  • Thank you for a response. Ive done a few tests with oil pastel formulations but even after left to "dry" for a few days it still has a "waxy" surface. Im trying to not have that waxy feel plus the sticks themselves were crayon like.

    I recently purchased some Aluminum Stearate to test as a thickener or gelling agent since it is said to gell upon cooling after dissolving in solvent or oil.
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