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I have found some very wonderful and ideal formulators in the States but I am specifically looking for a formulator/manufacturer in Canada, in consideration of shipping costs, duty, etc. I have reached out to a lot of Canadian companies I found online, but either they don't respond, or their idea of a low MOQ is 5 gallons. For the beginning I would need a much lower MOQ than that. I found some in the States who manufacture as low as 6 litres down to 2 litres, which would be ideal...somewhere in between. It would be a simple base cream (organic/botanical) that I can customize according to customer requirement, and a simple base cream cleanser (also organic/botanical) that I can customize. I am trying to refrain from using the "N" word (natural) as it has come to have such an ambiguous meaning. For more details, please contact me here is my email: mordella_ (at)

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  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    5 gallons is too much? That will be a challenge.

    But you should check with the Ontario SCC and the Quebec SCC.

  • Thank you. Right now that amount is too much... I have a full-time job and this is just something I am slowly transitioning into. One day I would like to transition over to this industry, but it won't be with 5 gallons right away :0) 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    It is about 400 packages, which is not very difficult to store. For instance I recently bought 600 of a 70g package, and including the tops and liners it fitted in two easily handled boxes. However, you would need to guarantee enough continuing business to be able to use it all by its expiry date; unlikely with a new venture. Your only reasonable choice is simply to buy it from one of the reputable online sellers. By the way, "simple" and "Organic/Botanical" are polar opposites. 
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  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    Your best option will be to buy a pre-made, stock base that is robust enough for you to customize with additives, etc.

    Please remember that @Belassi is right - "Organic/Botanical" cannot possibly be "simple" - there are a huge set of challenges involved in the formulation that don't exist when formulating with synthetics.
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  • Thank you for the suggestions. I have previously purchased stock bases but the ingredients aren't very good as it's slim pickins in Canada, all the good stuff is in the States and Europe! I found plenty of great suppliers online there.

    To clarify -by simple I just meant that I'm not looking for a pre-customized cream for a specific condition, or any fancy anti-aging ingredients already formulated in the cream. By simple I was just referring to requiring a base cream. I make small batch base creams at home that I customize as required, I just thought if I was looking to expand on a larger scale with time, I would rather a professional lab with proper testing formulate it rather than me doing this at home and not as professional... and it would save me time.  

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