Branding A Dynamic Product Line | Seeking Chemist and Cost Advice

Hi Everyone! 

I am stoked to have found this website (thanks Perry)! I have conspired a beauty brand with a fabulous name and a vintage pop style! Designing and selling the products would be my jam. Like many others, it's the formulation and funding that I have to figure out.

I am in the research stages and appreciate and welcome conversation about the development process. I understand the steps needed but require more realistic numbers to build into a business plan in terms of building a formula, packaging, etc. 

My initial hair product idea is not something I have seen on the market. It may be niche and trending but if timed right could be a great "kick-off" product to start the business. If you have questions about it lets have a private convo. Please don't be turned off if I ask for a non-disclosure agreement, just need to cover my bases. 

Can't wait to talk with you!
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