Looking for Color cosmetics formulator/tester

I already have the post about organic skincare formulator and would like to post that we are also looking for color cosmetics formulator, either that would be the same person or different. We are currently in the start up phase of developing an organic skincare line/cosmetics in Chicago, Illinois area, and looking for a Chemist who would like to join us as formulator/chemist/tester on potential partial ownership of the company basis. Would like to have someone who has developed organic skincare products or/and color cosmetics (mineral cosmetics/eye liners/mascara) before or is extremely interested in developing such products and has adequate knowledge for their development and testing. Initially could be done on part time basis if currently have a job. Due to the offered partial ownership, we would prefer someone local or withing reachable distance and would like to personally meet, at least initially.

This is a new venture as business, investor who pays for space, industrial equipment, ingredients to make products after formulation,  holds majority of shares in the company. So no initial financial  investment is required towards those things in order to join the company, just the knowledge of organic skincare/color cosmetics formulation/testing, desire to make a difference and have something what is more than a job-be a part of company as one of the shareholders. Thank you
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