Making aqueous formulation dry fast on skin.....

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I have made two formulations :  

- a 100% aqueous body spray
- an o/w emulsion based spray lotion (synthetic esters - PPG-15-SE/IPM/OP - as the oil phase).

Both of them have more than 70% of water content with NO alcohol. Now the problem is due to such high water content it is not easily evaporated from skin and runs down too. I tried some surfactants (silicon based and PEG-HCO-40, Polysorbates) but none of them are working here.

I am thinking to use Veegum or Modified/Corn starches but not sure about clogging of spray nozzles due to viscosity increase and their colloidal structure.... :|

Any suggestions and advises please?  :)



  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    You are asking the impossible. Adding viscosifiers or non-volatiles to a solution will delay evaporation, not increase it.

    The only way to increase evaporation rate is to use a more volatile solvent.
  • Oh :o .... then I will try to proceed accordingly. :)
  • Why don't you try an aerosol for drying if you are happy with formula the way it is.if it runs add a small amount of rheology modifier for pseudoplasticiity?
  • Hello DrBOB,

    You mean instead of normal pump spray if I opt for propellant based aerosol type delivery then this may help in drying fast on skin? However in this case I am wondering how I would take trials on a small scale in a lab with propellant gases and cans....! 

    What rheology modifier you would suggest here? 

    Can you give any sample formula/recipe idea relevant to this case? 
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  • This seems to be a very good option but unfortunately I am not in USA, I can't source such Sprayer in my country.... :'(

    Still will try.....
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