Large importers of essential oils

Hi, does anyone know of importers of essential oils (that would sell to wholesalers/resellers)?

I'm looking for a source for Indian Peppermint Essential Oil that has been rectified to ~40% menthol. This particular oil is sold by Majestic Pure, who are not interested in selling it in bulk (so I need another source).

I've found Indian peppermint eo (even non-rectified/redistilled) to be the 'cleanest' smelling (least grassy). A good test for grassiness is to blot the eo onto a paper towel and let it dry. After the menthol etc has evaporated, you are left with the grassiness.

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  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    What is your definition of "bulk"?

    The problem you will find in trying to source large quantities of peppermint oil is that most of the world's supply for many years ahead is already bought and (perhaps even) paid for by the large users - for use in flavouring dental products (toothpaste etc.) and a smaller amount in foods.

    Anyway, that aside, but again depending on your meaning of "bulk" your best approach would be to contact the agencies in the countries where you think the best product comes from. Trade magazines and our friend Google can help enormously here.

    I am surprised that your current supplier is unwilling to help you. Even if they are unable to supply themselves they ought to be able to buy material in or put you in touch with another supplier.
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    I've just followed my own advice and Googled Majestic Pure and found that they are not, as you intimate, major suppliers af anything at all but are, in fact, small time oil and aromatherapy materials suppliers to the domestic market.

    So, what I consider "bulk" or "large" would be something of a misnomer to you.
    My understanding of bulk quantities are amounts in excess of 200kg -and I'm now certain that your requirements are nowhere near that.

    In regard to Majestic Pure, I note that they have some very bad press being accused of selling fake materials - perhaps that is where your grassiness-free peppermint oil originates.
  • bggybggy Member
    Hi, I'm not seeing how my question 'intimated' that Majestic Pure is a 'major supplier'. It only says they are not interested in selling in bulk. As you have found, Majestic Pure is a retailer that does a lot of business on Amazon.

    Interesting to see the reports of test results indicating they are selling 'fake' essential oils. I obtained a MSDS from them for the peppermint oil, which gives me more confidence that it does not contain synthetics, but who knows.

    My feeling is that they are selling an inexpensive peppermint eo, perhaps even a dementholized eo which happens to be pleasing to most people because the grassy elements have been taken out. We've tested non-redistilled organic peppermint essential oils and have found them overwhelmingly grassy (headache-inducing). I don't know what people would use those oils for. Perhaps in the case of peppermint, the lower priced/more highly refined oils are more suitable for most applications.
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers of essential oils for the small user. Perhaps it would be in your interest to shop around for a supplier who can offer the quantities that you need of a quality that suits you.

    On a somewhat larger scale, there are is a large number of of essential oil dealers around the world. They can be found by Internet searches or by searching through trade magazines but bear in mind that your idea of bulk or large quantities might not correspond to theirs.
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