Fragrance Supplier... wherefore art thou

I am in New Zealand and have been purchasing Fragrance Oils from local suppliers who ship it in from the states.

I am trying to find who they use, specifically for a beautiful Sweet Sweet Caramel. I have tried my best to find out, I have brought in Samples.. but I am struggling.

Who do people use? Is there a leader? Hmm it all seem so secret.


  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Most reputable perfume houses have an office, or at least an agent, in New Zealand or Australia.

    It is a matter of scale whether they would be interested in supplying you. If you are a "home industry" user of fragrance compounds then, I believe that you will be obliged to use the suppliers (or equivalents of) that you already use.
  • Hi John, we are getting pretty big , we supply 550 retailers with our range and about to take on s another big retailer. But everything is still so secret squirrel
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    edited June 2017
    In that case, may I suggest that you search amongst the bigger fragrance houses for those that are represented where you are.

    A quick index is offered here
    Some on that list are raw materials suppliers and do not supply finished perfume compounds but many of them do.

    I should emphasise that the list is not comprehensive and several of the biggest fragrance houses are not represented e.g IFF, Givaudan
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