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Does anyone know a manufacturer who manufactures vitamins without using Magnesium Stearate?
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  • Magnesium stearate is a lubricant. 

    The main use of magnesium stearate is in the manufacture of tablet,
    capsule and powder supplements. It is added to formulations to improve
    the flow properties of the powder, this also helps to compress the
    tablet without sticking to the mold and machinery parts whilst improving
    clean down time. There are some alternatives and manufacturers know them. You should call them directly and ask that as your first question.

    I don't know what you want to achieve avoiding this, but if you're looking tablets, you may need some custom formulation depending of your product. In capsules, it is easier to replace it.

    regards, Javier

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    Thanks we got it. My friend develops products for GNC and was just asking. 
    Warm Regards, JD
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