titanium dioxide in shampoo

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Hay everybody
I am trying to make a shampoo formula based on Dove ingredients, i have a problem with titanium oxide and mica.
can you help me in the way i should add them
i have to mention that i mix my ingredients with no heat and i would like to know is heat required to add glycol distearate and titanium and mica
i'm adding 0.2% titanium and 0.2% mica and 3% glycol distearate


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    We'd need more information about your formula. Please list all the ingredients

    But yes, if you are using Glyceryl Stearate, you'll need to heat the formula. And you'll need something to suspend the mica / titanium dioxide. Otherwise it will separate out.
  • thank you @Perry
     my current formula is
    70% water
    12% sodium laureth sulfate (70%))
    9% cocamidopropyl betaine (30%)
    3% glycol distearate
    3% glycerin
    2% polyquaternium 7
    1.5% cocamide dea
    1% dimethicone
    0.8% sodium chloride
    0.4% perfume
    0.2% propylene glycol
    0.2% preservative
    0.2% titanium oxide
    0.2% Mica

    and i am working on changing it when i get the other ingredients
    when i tried putting titanium oxide with no heat it sunk to bottom very quickly 

  • DASDAS Member
    Why would you add titanium dioxide?. It's hard to suspend, even if you heat it it will precipitate. I'd stick to disterate and maybe a little styrene/butadiene and regular colors.

    For suspending TiO2 and micas you'll need something like this.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Unless you have a vacuum mixing machine, I predict a long and troubled road before you give up on this project.
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  • i thin they add it to get a more bright white color and i am trying to get the right way to work it in to see if it is the reason for that color @DAS  
    @Belassi i don't have a vacuum mixer but i read that carbopol my work and it is there in the dove ingredients label   
  • DASDAS Member
    That's usually a combo of stearate and distearate, both opacifiers and pearlizers. 

    Leave the micas and TiO2 for solid products, unless you have the machinery and the right medium you are wasting time and resources. Keep it simple.
  • thanx @DAS
  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    They are using titanated mica - there is no plain TiO2 in any of their shampoo formulas.
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  • thank you for the information @Bobzchemist
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    i don't have a vacuum mixer but i read that carbopol my work
    EXACTLY. If you find a way to use carbopol in a shampoo without a vacuum mixer AND not have it full of air bubbles, please let me know!
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  • sticking to your question, glycol diestearate is solid at room temperature, you will need to heat it at 65-70 celcius in order to mix it, or you could make a blend for example with EGDS and sles heating and mixing both.
    Using carbomers or xanthan/guar gums will help you suspending ti02 and mica, personally i dont use tio2 with EGDS, the pearlized efects becomes nullified with the opacity given by the tio2

  • thanx for the information @Belassi @luiscuevasii
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    You may be able to incorporate glycol distearate in a cold process system when you use a pearlescent concentrate such as Euperlan PK771.
  • You may be able to add some ACRYLATES COPOLYMER (rehocare tta) to  suspending TiO2 and micas.
  • The amount is small, but still I don't think that you can make a proper suspension. It will probably precipitate. 
  • hay @Perry @Bobzchemist
    i am trying to reach a formula that works best for me and my work and i have some questions if you could kindly answer

    dry hair shampoo

    68.5% water
    11% sodium laureth sulfate (70%))
    9% cocamidopropyl betaine (30%)
    3% glycol distearate (( could i use Euperlan PK771 instead of distearate because distearate is not always available and will it give the same effect on pearlizing the shampoo and suspending the dimethicone ))   
    2% glycerin (( i read a lot on the site and i understand from your comments that it will be washed away but i need something to help the hair feel less dry or make feel good on the hair while applying it and i don't want to use oils ike castor ))
    2% polyquaternium 7 (( is 2% a high percentage or is it in right range of use and if i added 0.5% polyquaternium 10, should i remove the polyqua 7 or it woud e better to have both ))
    1.5% cocamide dea
    1% dimethicone (( will this percentage cause heavy build up ))
    1.2% sodium chloride
    0.5% perfume
    0.1% propylene glycol
    0.2% preservative

    If I wanted to make an oily hair shampoo can I use the same recipe but with raising the SLES percentage to 17% and reducing the dimethicone and polyqua 7

    and at last should an everyday shampoo formula resemble dry hair shampoo be    
    I know I ask a lot but i want to learn the right way
    and thank you in advance

  • If you trying to  make  bright white color  shampoo i suggest "Euperlan PO/N".
  • Hi anybody share me the moisturizing body lotion exact formulation
  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    No, this is not a place for free Formulations.
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    That is a very bad way of requesting something!
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    @iqbal1977 that thing google doesn't work in your country??? 
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