Clay pomade advice

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Hi all

Okay I have finally produced a good hair clay pomade made with water, butters, oils, clay, glycerin, emulsifying wax, Soya Lecithin.

My problem is..
After it has been poured in to jars and cooled and I put my fingers through it, the texture appears slightly fluffy with possibly tiny air bubbles, however if I mix it with my fingers in the jar it turns into a smooth creamy texture which is correct and it looks brilliant.
I am am not sure what causes this, would it be simply the mixing stage, any issues with temperature, cooling down stage?
Any help appreciated.



  • What happens to the formulation after you have mixed it with your fingers? Does it return to the original fluffy texture or stay the creamy texture you wish to keep?
  • Sounds like you are possibly incorporating too much air while mixing. Hand mix a small batch and see if you get the same results. 
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