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Dear members,

Currently I'm having problem with my matte foundation formulation where it became unstable (water separate from cream, curdled texture). Hopefully you can advise me regarding this problem. Here is the formulation:
water phase:
-aqua (303.25)
-Trilon BD (0.25)
-LS Diol (25.0)
-Viscolam at 100P (15)
oil phase:
- Cetiol CC (27.29)
-Chem B (30)
-BRB Caprylyl methicone (47.21)
-BRB PMS 2 (40)
-BRB TMS 50C (2)
-MCT oil (3)
-Squalene oil (2)
-Iscaguard PEG (4)
-Fragrance (1)
I did this formulation in 500g since our homogenization is only suitable to homogenize around 200 g oil phase. water phase and oil phase were already stable but at the moment i mix these 2 phases, the emulsion started to curdle and eventually water separated from the cream. Your advices and view are highly appreciated. Thank you:)
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