Germany: Where to find paddle/U/anchor impellers/mixers?

ZinkZink Member
I'm really stuck on this one, I can't find the German word these fine implements. Here's an example. Ideally something with rod diameter 7 mm or less.

Any leads? Also good if not super expensive. Paint mixers can work, but unfortunately the shafts are too big.


  • DASDAS Member
    Best you can do, mail local companies with that image and ask the name and if they have it in stock, they sure do. If they don't you can buy it on amazon or have it custom made.
  • DASDAS Member
    edited April 2018

    Heidolph Ankerrührer

    This is what google showed, I have no idea what it says, but googling Ankerrührer shows anchor impellers.
  • em88em88 Member
    Just curious, for what kind of mixing is this impeller used? 
  • ZinkZink Member
    Ruher works! Thanks DAS. I actually got a 80 mm paint stirrer that will do the job for now.

    em88, it's great for gentle mixing during cooldown of liquid crystal emulsifier emulsions, particularly thicker ones.
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