acetyl hexapeptide 1 ( melitane) darkening hair-skin

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Over the last couple of months many products have been released containing melitane ( acetyl hexapeptide 1)
They claim to darken hair and reverse greying. A study comparing the melitane with maidenhair has been released and the tan accelerator named piz buin ( containing melitane) seems to get good reviews. There's also a product mixing pseudocatalase and melitane on the market.
It's legit the peptide acetyl hexapeptide increases melanin production in both skin and hair.
On ebay ( and probably there are asian sellers as well) they're selling the pure peptide and recommend you to mix it with dimethyl isosorbide ( 90 pct water, 5 pct melitane and 5 pct DMI) and you should see results in 2-3 months. I'm 3 weeks into this experiment ( I'm light red haired with some greys in it) and was wondering what kinda adjustments I can make to make it better. Anyone with a better scientific background could comment on it.
What is the molecular mass of melitane? Any help would be great.


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    After two months of using it I notice a couple of eyebrow hairs growing in darker. It's probably showing this has potential to darken new hair growth but a better formula would most likely give better results. So any help would be appreciated. Here's a pic of a hair that grew darker and another that hasn't changed yet:
  • I have used distilled water so far and I have results but they could be better. I heard physiological saline water is better for absorption in hair follicles?
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