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If you wonder about ingredient safety information, here is a good place to start.  The Cosmetic Ingredient Review board is the group in the US responsible for ensuring that cosmetic ingredients are safe and for giving suggested limits for use.  Thousands of the most commonly used cosmetic ingredients have been reviewed and data is available.


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    Now that's an impressive database :smiley:

    Thanks a lot for the link Perry
  • Thanks Perry!
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    @Perry ; can we all please post some links on the chemicals concentration limits allowed by several regulatory agencies all around the world, and make this post a sticky?

    i.e. are these the only chemicals banned or restricted by US FDA?
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    A little from regulatory part of the EU.

    Link to the current consolidated cosmetics regulation (as of 25.dec.2017)  in the European Union can be found here containing the legal basis for cosmetics in the market but also the annexes below.

    Annex II - Banned Substances
    Annex III - Restricted Substances
    Annex IV - Allowed Colourants
    Annex V - Allowed Preservatives
    Annex VI -  Allowed UV Filters

    A quick resource for searching those annexes (with no legal basis, but a good guideline none the less) is COSING.

    Scientific Opinions on ingredient safety by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (end previous committees) can be found here.
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    Thanks @Perry . Certainly a good idea to share
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