Guar gum and lamesoft

Hello I have this simple shampoo formula 

Warer 60%
Aloe Vera 10%
Glycerin 5%
Panthenol 2%

DSL mild 10% (disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)
Cocoamiropropyl betaine 10%

Guar gum 1%
Citric acid

I get a nice and viscous texture but if I try to add lamesoft even at 1% my texture gets thin and clamps. You think that guar gum does not work with gums?


  • DuncanDuncan Member, Professional Chemist
    Which Lamesoft are you referring to - there is more than one grade and they are all different
    TM Benz for instance is a nice pearl concentrate
    PO65 is the material that gives a 24 hour moisturising claim if you use enough

    UK based, Over 20 years in Toiletries, After a 5 year sabbatical doing cleaning products, back in the land of Personal Care
  •  Sorry you are right, Coco-Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate

  • svensven Member
    PO 65 Then
  • Can you help? Is it just the nature of gums that are not compatible ?
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