Color Matching of Foundie Products

Hi guys, I need some help through this discussion here. I have had problems in color matching in developing foundation products including a concealer. As you know, in many product formulas there are dry binder (in the form of powder) where the phase I mixed first into the oil phase before the emulsification process, after emulsification, I just do color matching, if the color is not match, I add a pigments that I dissolve first with the solvent I use in the formula (usually LANOL 99 or SF1202). Is there another way that can make it easier or more efficient for the color matching process? please help me.. thank you. ?


  • SibechSibech Member, Professional Chemist
    I have not done any significant amount of color-matching, but in my experience adding pigments after emulsification does not show as clearly.

    I don’t know if it would work but personally I would make 4 bases for the skin tones, one of each pure pigment (red, yellow, and black iron oxides + Titanium oxide), then do color matching with the emulsified products, calculate the amounts of pigment and do a small batch to see if the color did indeed match.
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