stirring blades that are made from aluminum is good or bad for mixing lotion?

Dear friends! thank you so much for helping me learning.
My electrical overhead stirring/mixing is very good for lab. stirring rods and stirring blades are made from stainless steel. I just increase the amount of cream from 100 gram to 1 kg. Therefore, I need to modified the stirring blades. I cannot find the stainless steel. But, I fight stirring bales made from aluminum and plastic. 
Aluminum or plastic stirring blades are good or bad?



  • but I find (not fight  --- spelling error)
  • Aluminum no. Plastic yes. 

    If some day you decide you want stainless steel have it custom made. 
  • @DAS, My stainless stirring rod is 1/4 inches. so plastic propeller is OK?

    Thanks @DAS
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    It really depends on what you are mixing. Since aluminium is attacked by both bases and acids it is not a viable choice. Some plastics, however, are subject to dissolve or degrade in contact with organic solvents - I'm thinking of essential oils and other aromatics. Polycarbonate or Perspex might be OK.
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