Miscellaneous additives

Hello everybody 
Can anybody please tell me What are miscellaneous additives and their Functions,Uses in cosmetics formulations ?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Where have you seen the term "miscellaneous additives" in regards to cosmetics?
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    In the syllabus of Formulation and development- 1, it is a PG subject and miscellaneous additives is the sub topic of It, I try to find out exactly what is it but I can't find anything about it :| I hope you will help me  :)
  • I don't think any ingredients are categorized as miscellaneous additives. And if they were I assume ingredients like fragrance, colorants, claims ingredient or fairy dust (as Perry calls it) would fit this category. But even then their functions and uses would differ.
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     thanks for the info sir :) but it is not enough to solve my queries  :/ 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I think in the context of your question, miscellaneous additives refers to "all the ingredients that weren't otherwise mentioned." 

    Without knowing the other ingredients mentioned, I can't really say what would qualify as miscellaneous.  @Christopher has listed some of the ones which could generally be considered miscellaneous.

    This article on cosmetic ingredients may be helpful. 

    Types of cosmetic ingredients

  • Thank you sir I hope it will sort my problem  :smiley:
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