Hello everyone, 
I was asked for an after care shampoo. A shampoo for hair treated with straightner. 
What points to consider in formulating?
IImean, to help keep the treatreat more and as the hair now is more likely to be damadam. I know it should be a mild surfactants to be used, conditioning ingredients, Being sulfate free and sodium free.
Anything else  is important to cosider? 
Another question ❓ ❓
As i know, sodium free means no sodium chloride. Is it means also that the surfactants are not in its sodium salt forms. 
Thanks in advance.... 


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    @Amira the disered product should have conditioner "polyquaterniums" , vegeteble oils as " olive oil , aragan oil" wich help a lot for keeping healthy hair and even protein or keratin to repair the hair. For surfactants it will be better to use mild ones as you said. The ph of shampoo is also important for hair so it should be between 7 and 5 and it will be better to have slightly acid shampoo .
    For soduim free it is clear that shampoo must not have soduim whatever even for the surfactants. 
  • @Fekher thank you for your response 
    But most of the available surfactants are in the sodium salt form, how to overcome this? 
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    you are welcome @Amira actually there are a lot of mild no irritating surfactans and here is the list of four groups of mild no irritating surfactants and you can eliminate soduim ones to find your disered surfactants.

  • @Fekher ;
    Thank you. 
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