PMMA Particle Aggregates

Hi All,
I have been having an issue with a base that has been make several times. 
Once I add PMMA at 0.5% and circulate my batch I cool. 
At final check I have hard sharp particles.
Upon checking under the microscope they appear to be PMMA aggregates.

Our particle size is 0.7um and I'm getting aggregates about 10 mm in size. 
Anyone have experience with this or know how to stop it? I'm mostly processing not formulation. 


  • What kind of solvent are you using? PMMA "absorbs" some solvents and the beads swollen and clump i as big aggregates. Look the SDS sheet of your MMA beads to verify the solubility in different solvents. Some solvents completely dissolves the polymer but if you want the beads to keep the shape, you need to add a solvent and quantity that will swollen and soften the beads without creating a big clump. 
  • Thank you for a point in the right direction. I will look into it! 

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