Is anyone using a microscope to check gel, emulsions? If yes, please write what microscope do you use and if you can make a few suggestions. 

Thank you 


  • There are 3 important brands: Olympus, Leica and Zeiss... Leica and Zeiss, have very nice optics, but are also more expensive. For emulsion observation it is quite important to equip the microscope with polarizers to observe liquid crystalline phases, and a hot stage can be useful too. Differential interference contrast filter (DIC) is also a good option to increase the contrast of your images
    If you need to take images, there are many cameras, and price vary a lot. 
    Image processing software can be useful if you want to determine the droplet size distribution. 

  • In the case of gel, i m not sure that microscopy can help you... to see something you need contrast between two phases

  • @jeremien, regarding gels, I was thinking to check crystal formation over time (while doing stability tests).
    Thank you for information regarding the microscopes. 
  • @em88 , i see, in that case polarizers are great to follow crystal formation... the hot stage can allow you to predict stability at high temperature 

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