Can you suggest a brand for stick blender?( I want to use it as hemogenizer)

Hi guys. 
I’m looking for a stick blender that can be used in emulsion making( skincare). I can’t afford a hemogenizer at this point. 
Any suggestion for a stick blender brand that can be used for this reason? 



    The small attachment (which is actually meant for stick blending baby food in small jars) is very handy.

    (Link comes from Making Skincare site)
  • Thank you so much Doreen
  • Does it work in the US?
  • I am sure they sell the same model in the US. Don’t buy 220w devices. They don’t work in the US properly.
  • You're welcome! :)

    Yes, I added the link for the US (Making Skincare site shows two links, for UK and US).

    Good luck!
  • There are dozens of stick blenders (immersion blenders) on Amazon in the US, and most of them would be fine for your purposes. We're using a $15 immersion blender from Walmart right now for our small batch testing.  If it can make mayonnaise it can make a lotion, unless your emulsifier is really finicky.
  • Thank you so much @Willow
  • This looks great, especially with the small foot attachment, but I can't find a Bosch version of this that is 110v (or any Bosch stick blender, for that matter). Even the U.S. sourced ones are 220v. I've had experience with others burning out quickly. Anyone know a reliable 110v version?
  • DoreenDoreen Member
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    Good thing that you mentioned the voltage! I just pasted the US link hoping it would be a suitable one, but I read in @ssornai 's post that the Bosch stick blender is 220 volts.
    Hopefully there are 110 volt blenders with small attachments as well!
  • Since I lived in both the US and Europe I can confirm that 110 works perfectly in Europe. But 220 won't work in the US in most cases. 
  • I use a Minipro immersion blender made by Dynamic mixers. ( if you're in the U.S.)  Made in France. 

    I LOVE it. 

    This line of mixers is meant for the restaurant business BUT since I only make at most 1 liter of lotion/cream at a time, this is perfect for me.

    I used to have LOTS of lotion failures when using a table top kitchen blender, At the recommendation of LOTS of good folks on this forum, I searched for something better.  Since I bought this immersion blender, NO failures at all. 

    The blade is removable for cleaning, as is the shaft/stainless steel tube. Superbly easy to clean.

    It is more expensive than other immersion blenders, like what you'd find in a department store, BUT it's worth it, in my opinion.
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