Pomade hair for good shining and styling

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i make some research to make hair pomade so the idea is to use petrolatum as major ingredient then to make harder add wax (beewax) , acid (stearic acid, coconut acid) , fatty alcool ( cetearyl alcool) for economical reasons i think to use only 
petrolatum : 70 %  -)  90%
stearic acid : 10 % -)  30 %
 Can this formulation lead to good hair pomade provide good styling and shining ? what improvement can you suggest ?
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  • I wonder if stearic acid may end up flaking off from hair.
    Coconut oil is proven to get absorbed in hair, and more of a buzzword than stearic acid.

    You need to check if coconut oil or beeswax separate from petrolatum. If they do you may need something like C12-15 alkyl benzoate.
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    @Gunther thanks about stability there is no problem according to my reserchement however i'am not sure from flaking effect of stearic acid but for sure product must not make flaking.
  • Fixative- try C18-38 Alkyl Hydroxystearoyl Stearate or Synthetic Beeswax common name Kester K82P in place of beeswax, or try adding 50/50. Will give better hold than beeswax.
    Shine, silicones/esters or quats. 
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    @Dirtnap1 thanks for your intersting idea however it will be as final step using bee wax for economical reasons .
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