Centrifugation as a stability standard for emulsions o/w


How important is centrifugation of an emulsion to tests its stability? Is this test really worth investing in a centrifuge?

If this test is important, what protocol is the best to follow? 3000 rpm for 30 minutes? 

I will appreciate your help. 



  • I would say there are other things you can do first that are lest costly/ good indicators of stability. Are you already monitoring samples in stability chambers over time? Do you use freeze/thaw testing?

    The centrifuge might be able to tell you about the emulsion strength, but the ovens/fridge are nice so you can see how your product will fare in some real-life temperatures over time. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Centrifuge is not an important part of stability testing. It might be useful for developing prototypes but the company I worked for never used centrifuges for stability testing.
  • I'm curious about it.
    No amount of centrifugation should make true solutions form precipitates.
    But I guess that precipitation may well happen with emulsions.

    If you have a lab centrifuge handy, you can start by testing commercial formulations by centrifuging for 2, 5, 7 ,10 minutes and so on.
    Keep us posted with the results.
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