What is the best PH value for hair styling product for men

ammezammez Member

Hi everybody
I know that the human hair typically has a natural pH of 4.5 to 5.5

My questions is :

1. What is the best PH value for hair styling product for men?

2. My hair product ingredients including "Kaolin clay" so the PH value is up to 7.6

     Can I acceptable for this value?   In the long term will have harsh alkaline effects on hair or not?

Thank you for your suggestion.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I don't think your questions have known answers. They also may not be answerable as phrased.

    1.  The best pH is the one that gives you the best product performance while still being safe. Product performance is going to be formula dependent so you'd have to experiment with different levels of pH and how it affects the particular parameter that you find important. In truth, it probably doesn't matter.

    2.  I doubt anyone has studied the effect of pH 7.6 on hair over long term exposure. And the truth is, pH is a meaningless concept when you are talking about dry hair. pH is only meaningful when related to water solutions. The bottom line is that it won't have any specific effect noticeable to consumers. pH 7.6 is hardly a "harsh alkaline"
  • ammezammez Member
    Thanks Perry  :)
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