I found this form ... can I use it? What additional actions do I have to do to get out on the market?stability test??Microbiological test??


  • SibechSibech Member, Professional Chemist
    Can you use it? yes in principle you can use it, however, those formulations are intended mostly as inspiration and guidance.

    As for what would you have to do to get it to market?
    Well, that depends on where you live. It is a sunscreen which is anywhere between a drug and a cosmetic depending on where you live. This means you would also (depending on where you produce and sell) have to do various registrations, toxicological assessments. In addition, you would need to do stability tests, efficacy tests, packaging compatibility tests, SPF tests (this needs to be done at a certified lab no matter the region you want to sell in).

    If you were to sell any sunscreen product I would suggest getting together with a contract manufacturer to do the production for you - and they would likely tweak the formulation to fit their production of it.
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