ghassoul, green, white clay mask formulating

hello everyone, i want to re-formulate a new mask from the above, i found the formula on a ready mix but not the proportions, if you can help me with the breakdown. many thanks in advance:

clay, glycerine, sorbitol, benzylic alcohol. bitter almond oil.


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    Benzylic acid is a preservative and bitter almond oil a perfume.
    Glycerol and sorbitol are both humectants; the latter is solid but usually used as aqueous dilution with similar properties than glycerol.
    Take some clay and simply add glycerol until you get about the consistency of your bench-mark. That gives you the overall content of glycerol/sorbitol. Now replace bits of glycerol with sorbitol until the feel of your mask fits your needs.
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    Benzyl alcohol may be added as a preservative, if the premix you found is sold in the EU, then the benzyl alcohol may be on the ingredient list due to the content of bitter almond oil, as there is about 1-2% benzyl alcohol present in bitter almond oil.

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  • I am surprised there is no water. Is this LOI even correct? I highly doubt this clay is dispersed in glycerin and sorbitol only. Also, I see clay and "water" (glycerin is water soluble). I don't think benzyl alcohol would be sufficient to preserve clay in water.

    @darferiha, if you are trying to make a clay mask something like L'oreal pure clay masks, you probably want about 10% of humectants, 0.5% of xanthan gum to thicken it, 0.5% of fragrance and solubiliser to incorporate it, a very strong preservative, such as phenonip because clay is very hard to preserve, water and clay amounts are subject to desired viscosity (add and see how much you like).

    Here is an example:
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    guys thanks for the comments, you're really great help can't thank you enough.
     @ngarayeva001 . my honest guess is  sure there is water but they did not write it on the label, i found other jars with rose water as an ingredient.and yes it is sold the same as L'oreal pure clay mask.
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