Mix and phase breakdown advice for Gel/Wax formulation


I'm mixing the following for my gel/wax formulation:

Phase 1:


Then once I hit 80-85 degrees celcius, introducing:

PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate

Then at cool down (around 70 degrees)

- mineral oil
- drops phenoxyethanol for preserve.

The problem I sometimes run into is the globbing up of the CET-25 when I add it into the constantly stirring mix at 85 degrees.    It forces me to mix fast using a magnetic stirring pill, which then introduces bubbles (highly undesirable in the end hot pour).

Any recommendations on changes I could make to reduce bubbles?   I am presently relying on the liquification of the CET-25 pellets while slowly adding them to the hot mixture.   I was also thinking about running the hot pour through a mesh filter, to eliminate bubbles.    

thanks for any input.

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