Preservatives to use in water and milk products

Hello! I would like to know which preservatives have you use in water and milk products with success, what are the names of the preservatives and how should it be apply. TIA.


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    Milk like diary products? Wrong forum ;) .
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    @Pharma, have you ever checked skincare on Etsy? I was shocked from the number of goat milk lotions. Every second product has goat milk in it.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Nope, never been on Etsy... is it worth it?
    Last week I sold sodium hydroxide to someone who makes goat milk soap. She add mixes milk with soda lye and once it's hot, adds the oils and lets saponify. I was terrified bout the waste and inquired if she's not concerned that the good stuff also hydrolyses. She was just like "People love my soap."
    @Emi: The reason why preservatives are used in cosmetics (and similar products) is because of the water because only water needs preservation. Hence, the choice for you is the same as for everybody else. Milk may require a bit more because it's great microbe food.
  • @Pharma, natural skincare on Etsy is a mega cringe ? you would be shocked what nonsense people sell there. It’s all that’s wrong about DIY cosmetics in one place. Totally worth having a look but you will need a drink after it.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    IMO selling on ETSY is like negative publicity.
    @Pharma, I have made goat milk soap, it is really nice. The procedure is to add the lye to frozen milk so as to keep it as cold as possible and not oxidise it to a horrible brown colour.
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