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My name is Samer AL-Azzeh from Jordan, I'm formulator chemist for skin care, hair care…etc., I have new idea for natural soap and I will register it as patent, it will be the 1st 100% natural and organic soap in the world, I would need to know if there is any institution or company can support? Or help?   , I need your help for that.
Thank you very much in advance.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Get a patent layer ;) .
    I'm honestly very sceptical that your idea is i) patentable, ii) new, iii) not already covered by an existing patent, and iv) compliant with common "organic" labels.
    A soap by definition is hydrolysed oil/fat (i.e. triglycerides): The triglycerides used are usually natural and often "organic" whilst the base used for hydrolysis & fatty acid neutralisation may be a natural mineral which, depending on the labelling organism, may be considered "organic". There aren't too many organic (in a chemical sense) bases and these aren't "organic" (in a labelling sense) since they require several isolation and purification steps. An example is arginine base and this one has already been patented (if I'm not mistaken by Ajinomoto). Many thousands of years ago, soap was made by mixing/cooking water, ash (from organic or wild harvested wood), and oil/fat (from organically farmed or wild plants/animals). The resulting soap is 100% natural and "organic" (again, not all organic labels will consider such a soap organic).
  • Hi Pharma:
    Thank you very much for kind discuss for my idea.
    Im an expert in soaps,and  i made all kinds of soaps,normal regular soaps made by reaction of oils with sodium hydroxide to make soap,some or many people around the world if start with organic oils,will add in sticker of soap (Organic soap), my idea sure is not like that,my idea is new process to make kind of soaps 100% natural and organic,not like traditional soaps,and also not like modern soaps, that made by surfactants like soaps pH 5.5 ....etc, my idea is totally different, thanx
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    There are already Syndet bars on the market that sound like what you are describing.  How is your idea different?

    How also, is the end product going to be perceived as different by the consumer?  Ultimately, if this is a product you want people to buy there has to be some compelling reason to buy it.
  • Hi Perry:
    Thank you for sharing ideas, the Syndet soaps,made from surfactants this surfactants are not 100% natural like sodium cocoyl isethionate,and any other kinds of surfactants my idea is 100% natural organic bar without surfactants like taurate or isethionate....etc,this is the answer of 1st question,about second one,as you know now we have highly demand of natural,organic products,my products is really 100% natural and organic,plus it will be exfoliate bar, my soap idea is 100% and exfoliate bar,no any chemicals,or surfactant,or any basic materials, like trietahnolamine,sodium hydroxide,Potassium hydroxide.....etc

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    It's difficult to advise you further as there is nothing in your description that makes me think the product is any different. For example, how is your product different than these 100% natural soaps?

    And you will have to be able to demonstrate a difference to consumers. Consumers can already get exfoliating soap bars.  The fact that the soap won't have triethanolamine, or potassium hydroxide doesn't matter to consumers. Consumers will want to know...what benefit is this product giving that I can't get with something else?

    In my view "free from", "natural", "organic", etc. are product features not benefits. People buy products for the benefit they get, not for the feature.
  • Good,about the site you sent to me its traditional soaps made it  from oils and sodium hydroxide  or other, the pH of this kinds of soaps is high, (9-11), this  value of pH is harsh for some one,its not suitable for sensitive skin,and other soaps with pH 5.5 it contain some harsh chemicals,surfactants...etc, also can make some problems for some people, and about 100% natural and organic,its life style for many people around the world and its trend,for example now some people not eating any vegetables or fruits if its not organic, but otherwise not have any articles tell us that the vegetable not organic its dangerous for human,because many countries around the world using safe fertilizers like in USA,Europe....etc but why the trend for organic?    
  • @sameralazzeh Will there be a detectable different in the quality and performance of your soap versus a syndet bar - or is the difference that it's organic? People already think soap is natural enough - I'm not sure they are even looking for anything more..
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Just in case you have something in mind like pressed soapnut cake to be used as soap bar: Such products, since they contain 100% (organic or not) natural and only mechanically processed material, are not patentable. There needs to be something new about the product like new ingredient (= new plant = GMO = zero chance in your case unless it's a plant indigenous to your country but then it's going to cost you a fortune to get all the tox-data etc. for new chemical entities done), new process (= aliens from area 51 using hypersoap-beams on potatoes to turn them into soap bars = zero chance in your case since you're claiming "organic"), new application (= existing natural and organic car polish now used for hand soap = your most likely chance for a patent). Being the first all natural and organic soap is not a patent claim since you're not the first with such a product. Besides, neither "all natural" nor "organic" are patentable attributes (they're rather arbitrary definitions).
    Again, ask a patent layer what he thinks about it or just file for patent and wait and sell until someone sues you for patent infringement.
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