Dishwash Liquid Problem

Hi am using the the below mentioned formulation for Dishwash manufacturing. But the problem what I faced is's loosing it's vescosity with in few weeks.

Acid Slurry- 80ml
Castic Soda- 16gm
SLES- 150ml
Salt- 15gm
Color- 1ml
Perfume- 2ml
Water - 720ml


  • Add CAPB 3 to 4% . CDEA 1 to 2% . Add a preservative . 
  • Search the threads , you will get a lot of discussion .
  • By adding CAPB dish wash becomes cloudy and its transparency lost will occur.
  • What's acid slurry?
  • Gunther said:
    What's acid slurry?
    Another name of LABSA . 
    90% acid slurry , 96% LABSA . 
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @AbdulRahim ; i made a lot of experiences using CAPB and i'am sure that if it is good quality it will never cause cloudy effect , so you just need to verify if it is really  from CAPB . If it is , so the problem is the quality of it not CAPB by it-self .

  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @yash42440 ; you are welcome .
  • Well use sles 70 gram
    Nacl 30 gram
    Sls 5 gram optional
    Cocobetaine 30 gram 
    Labsa 10 to 20 gram
    Add naoh   4 to 5 gram 
    Citric plus sodiun citrate 4 to 5 gram
    Stpp 2 gram
    Edta 1 gram sodium benzote 4 gram
    Dmdm 1 gram opt.
    Fragnance colur
    Some essential lemon fragrance make it cloudy but clear after 24 hours
    And essential fragnance can be blemd with tween 80 
    Contact for at 
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