Sequence of adding raw materials in mixer tank

I am manufacturing anti Dandruff  Shampoo .
Please tell me the sequence of adding following raw materials in mixer tank.

1. DI Water
2. SLES 
3. Ammonium laureth sulfate
4. Ja Guar
5. CAPB 
7. Glycol distearate 
8. Lanolin 
9. PQ7
10. Zinc pyrithione 
11. Glycerine 
12. Silicon 
13. Runsoft 
14. Di sodium EDTA
15. Colour 
16. Scent 


  • I am also using citric acid to adjust pH at 5.5
  • You can follow something like the attached. I've never made anti-dandruff products but it is an OTC in the US so be careful since you said manufacturing.

    Also please give the INCI/ ingredient names, I don't know what runsoft is so can't help you with the placement of that
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