Pigments for making tinted face cream

Are mica products such as those from suppliesforcandles wesbite ok for use in face creams? What is a good website for buying pigments for use in cosmetics?


  • Are you talking about making a foundation or adding a hint of colour to a moisturiser? In both cases, candle mica is a bad idea.
  • I meant adding colour to a moisturiser
  • Then you can get away with non-coated cosmetic mica. These guys have a nice supply: https://tkbtrading.com/
    Just make sure you add something like carbomer (because in theory you need coated mica and high yield polymer to suspend particles, but carbomer would do the job for a pinch of mica) to your formula or mica might sink. Don't use this approach for colour cosmetics like a foundation. Those are much more complex.
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