Help with Scaling Up to 100Kgs


I am planning to scale up my production to 100Kg Batch size. 
I am making my products in 2 sizes serums- 20Kg and Moisturisers -40Kg batch sizes - using Stock pots, Comercial Induction Cooktops and Waring Stick Blenders. 

Now I need to Scale up my Serums to 40Kg and Moisturisers to 100Kg. We have 12 products and making them every month is getting very hectic for me. 

I am thinking of doubling the batch size and Investing in a triple action kettle. 
Because making a 50 kg thick cream is such a pain to add ingredeints in the cool down phase, need side sweeping action.

But wondering does a single triple action process vessel does the job, Since I am using 2 phases, one oil, one water So should I also ask for one more vessel with a stirrer for the oil phase? 

Any advice on setting up a new manufacturing plant?  My plant and Hvacs are costing me $25K. Have a budget of $20K for the Process vessels and another $5K for other stuff. (I am not based in US).

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  • I'd say the extra vessel for the oil phase is needed. You generally want to premix all your oils and  may need to heat/stir to make sure that phase is homogeneous before you add it to water phase. Could be used to do other things like hydrate some materials. You can buy a diaphragm/transfer pump to move things over.

    I don't know enough about setting up a whole plant, but I think advice will depend on your needs (volume, do you fill/label/ship, what other machinery do you have, regulations)

  • You may be able to melt your oil phase in your water phase and then homogenise - would need testing on a smaller scale (say 1kg) first to make sure, but some manufacturers manage it with conditioners so it might also be feasible for moisturisers. Then you don't lose material when transferring between vessels, and you have less cleaning to do.
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    Thanks so much for the response @EVchem.

    Extra vessel for oil phase makes total sense. Sometimes we need validation when spending money. Some suppliers are even suggesting 3 phase vessel and can calling them ointment making machine - 1 for process, 1 for oil phase, 1 for water phase. 

    I already have one jacketed vessel with conical bottom, I think i need to attach transfer pump to it. 

    We fill, label and ship, so already considering a semi automatic cream filling machine and labelling machine.

    Losing material while transfer and calculating loss is a big thing. Single phase vessel is anyones dream. But I discovered only conditioner and cleansing creams can be done so due to less oil content and more emulsifier content in them. 

    I know some people are talking about single pot emulsions, but that is very emulsifier specific and doesn't ensure great results compared to 2 phase process.

    I am an industry outsider. Never been to a cosmetic manufacturing plant but a small business owner who wants to set up my own unit rather than outsource it to others. Most of the stuff are learnt online through various courses. 

    So always figuring out stuff. 
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