Looking for formulators with herbal and botanical medicine back ground

Good day.
This is Mary Zhang ,CEO from Gougoupets LLC.We are new company that specialize in pets sports medicine ,trauma care and wound care .Our  products are base on herbal and botanical medicine .with the form either liquid ,tincture ,ointment,also we have a chain of grooming products,

Currently we are looking for formulators who have  botanical and herbal medicine back ground to help us either making new formulations or reengineering the formulas .

Please let us know ,if this is in your expertise,I would like to set up meeting to discuss further.

My email is .gougoupet@gmail.com
Phone. 913 558 7218 .or 913 5587209 .
Thank you 
Mary Zhang 


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    Hi Mary

    What do you expect from your formulations? A: nicely looking products with appealing sensorials, B: traditional herbal medicine, or C: evidence based medicine? For each of these, you should look for a different type of help, namely A: a standard cosmetic chemist, B: an alternative/complementary health care 'professional', C: a pharmacist or similar. I fall into category C and depending on the traditional medicine you're interested in (e.g. European, Ayurveda, TCM, or whatever else there is on this planet) possibly also in category C. I'm a pharmacist with state of the art formulation education (seems that this is not common for pharmacists in many countries) for about 20 years. I'm also a hobby formulator and love herbal remedies and medicinal plants. And, well, I hold a PhD in herbal and botanical medicine so to speak (we call it pharmacognosy and phytochemistry) and keep (and groom) dogs for roughly 14 years.

    Feel free to send me a PM (not going to post my mail publicly because of spam).

    BTW in which country are you based? Your phone number lacks an international area code.
  • Hi We are more looking for the #C type formulator that use TCM herbal remedies ,our products are topical products for dogs external care .if you have experience of other type herbal and botanical medicine,I will welcome  other ideas also .

    where is your location ?I would like to find out more informations of your service .
    Possible to have a phone talk .
    Thank you .
    Mary Zhang 
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