how to make a toner from the basics of a serum formula

I was making a 5% lactic serum today and thought hmmm how could I turn this into a toner? If I don't add the xanthan gum or Siligel at the end what would you add to make this a toner instead? 

sodium lactate
green tea extract 
*xathan gum replace with what?


  • Personally i don't use any gums in a toner formulation since i use it in a spray if make one. You are lacking a preservative though.  
  • Right, I am removing the gum. I am just thinking what should I add to make this more toner like vs a serum by removing the xanthan gum. I will add a preservative too. thanks!
  • Sometimes it can be a very fine line between what you call a product, because a toner is just slightly larger in volume compared to a serum. 

    For example, with 5% Lactic Acid, it can be in a toner or serum, so the difference can just be the volume. 

    For example for 5% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, it can be in a toner or serum, but as it's slightly more pricey, it will normally be in a serum format so that it would be more reasonably priced for the consumer. 

    So it's up to you to decide what makes a toner or not, but some toners are thicker and may contain gums. 
  • Thanks @jemolian that makes sense. Do I want to sell 8oz of a toner with 5% Lactic in it or 1oz of a serum with 5% Lactic that I can sell at a much higher price. 
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